November 19, 2020

Mykonos Muse by Lizy Manola

Mykonos Muse Lizy Manola Assouline - Mamic 1970

Assouline’s luxury book, Mykonos Muse by Lizy Manola chronicles the culture and society that has defined Mykonos over the past century all the while indulging the reader with the ruins and myths hidden there.


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One of the most popular travel books, Mykonos Muse by Lizy Manola, uniquely captures the daily life and culture of the island of winds, Mykonos. Gorgeous architecture, welcoming locals, beautiful beaches and turquoise sea are intertwined with hidden myths. This must-have book by the world-famous publisher Assouline is part of the Travel Series collection, which makes a recognizable addition to modern homes. The luxury book Mykonos Muse is available at a price of 830 kunas.

This book re-counts century-old stories, including ancient mythology, from its early days as a hideout for late celebrities to its current day party scene.

Mykonos Muse Lizy Manola Assouline - Mamic 1970
Mykonos Muse © Assouline


Greek photographer Lizy Manola captures the “cosmopolitan, timeless, effortless” appeal of the whitewashed Aegean isle where she spent all her summers past 40 years. Although Mykonos is framed for its pulsing beach DJ sets and pinot-fuelled private-members’ yacht parties, Lizy Manola shows the other perspective of the island: dazzling limestone architecture perched high on the hilltops and traditional Greek culture.

Located in the Cyclades and surrounded by the blue-green water of the Aegean, windmill-strewn Mykonos is often called the island of winds. This ancient island and those surrounding it, mythologized as the bodies of gods felled by Hercules in the time of antiquity, are older than legend and have played host to countless cultures for more than millennia. At forty-square-miles and boasting a population of only ten-thousand, the ‘Ibiza of Greece’ has become prized for gorgeous architecture, welcoming and open-minded locals, and fantastic beaches. With such names as ‘Paradise’ and ‘Super Paradise,’ the sands of these shores have captured the imaginations and hearts of industry titans, artists, and party-goers alike from all around the globe, marking it as a stable cosmopolitan destination and as a paramount it haven on the jet-set circuit.

Ever since antiquity, Mykonos has always been a party island. It is a place where hedonism is celebrated, there are no taboos, and the locals have always welcomed non-conformists.

Lizy Manola


The illustrated market has become integral to the worlds of luxury, fashion and design. Assouline has actively contributed to this growth by creating the highest quality book-objects whose distinctive graphic identity and editorial savoir-faire have captured imaginations, addressing new themes in a contemporary manner.  The brand, with its style and vision, is a true pioneer. Beginning in the mid-90s, Assouline brought the illustrated book market to life with products that were modern, luxurious and creative. Today, the luxury book market has become an indispensable tool for luxury brands.

Beyond “beautiful books” Assouline is invested in the promotion of culture. It has created the “first brand of luxury culture” where one can discover a world of good taste, excitement and intellect, where “culture can be acquired” within a luxurious environment.

We created this company to be the first luxury brand on culture. We wanted to supply everything for a contemporary library.

Prosper and Martine Assouline
Mykonos Muse Lizy Manola Assouline - Mamic 1970
Mykonos Muse © Assouline

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