What began as a man’s curiosity and passion five decades ago, today is a family business that brings luxury and tradition to the hearts of lovers of timeless style and exceptional quality.

Pero Mamić

Mamić family and Rolex

For over four decades, we have been a proud member of the worldwide Rolex family thanks to the bright and bold mission of Pero Mamic, founder of Mamic 1970, when he became one of two Rolex watchmakers in the former Yugoslavia, based in Zagreb. With the establishment of a watchmaking workshop in Zagreb in 1970, Pero Mamic was the first in Croatia to work with Swiss luxury brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Baume & Mercier, Vacheron Constantin and many others. During his career, Mr Mamic also worked at Rolex, New York as part of a four-member expert group.

Today, new generations of the Mamić family continue to develop their business following tradition and investing in knowledge and expertise, writing new pages of a book about love for watches and timeless moments.

Mamić family

Our approach

We look forward to welcoming you at our boutiques located in the very center of Zagreb, Croatian metropolis, where we will be more than happy to dedicate our time to you and individually introduce you to the brands or particular models of our extensive collections. At Mamić boutique we are fully dedicated to our clients and always try to help them make the ideal choice according to their wishes, personality and lifestyle. Due to this approach and our professionalism over the years, generations of families have become loyal clients of ours and many have become friends.


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