Since founding her jewelry house in 2005, Valérie Messika successfully combines the timelessness of diamonds with modern design. Diamond jewelry from the Messika is of unwavering beauty and created for everyday wear, giving a feeling of self-confidence and boldness. The pieces of Messika jewelry have a distinct character and reflect the femininity and modernity of the designer whose creations are admired by the most influential women in the world, women who are valued for their talent and personality.

Lucky Move

The Lucky Move collection presents a new take on the iconic Move collection and its moving diamonds, now reimagined in a new circle shape. Inspired by lucky charms, this contemporary and stylish collection is a unique enhancement to any look.

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Move Uno

Move Uno is reimagined to feature a gold motif, with single diamond in motion. Between timeless and audacity, the jewels can to be worn alone for a more classic look or in accumulation. Playful pieces which we have fun, we move, we live … Move Uno is a new ally of your jewelry box.

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Move Classic

The signature collection of Maison Messika, Move Classic represents a modern and romantic symbol of love yesterday, today and tomorrow, which can be worn everyday in the form of three diamonds subtly moving following body motions.

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Move Noa

Collection called Move Noa, like the first name of one of Valérie Messika’s daughters, represents the discreet elegance of a ribbon of gold, enhanced by three sparkling diamonds in motion. The perfect symbol of the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Move Romane

The Move Romane collection dares the combination a unique design and timeless elegance. It plays with the illusion of the accumulation, depicting the Valérie Messika’s thoughts around the empty and solid spaces. The iconic line from Maison Messika adopts a modern asymmetry, based on a thread of diamonds and a ribbon of gold.

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Move 10th

10 years of Move. Discover the anniversary collection, in tribute to the icon of Maison Messika. Jewels of radical magnificence and modest elegance.

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Move Titanium

For confident masculinity. Valérie Messika’s first collection of jewelry for men. When the strength of titanium encounters the power of diamond. A resolutely masculine collection.

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A collection with strong and daring design which unveils a sensual and confident woman. The Messika Glam’azone presents bold jewellery creations all crafted in flawless 18 ct yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Glam’azone jewellery pieces will give your outfit a boost of feminine confidence.

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My Twin

The Messika My Twin jewellery collection combines modern shapes and delicate diamonds to present a range of sparkling, sensual pieces. My Twin unites diamonds in pairs, adopting a pendant aesthetic. A perfect alliance of the elegant emerald cut and the sensual pear cut.

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Celebrate the most precious moments in your life with the Joy collection. An eternal promise that is endlessly reinterpreted.

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Threads of sparkling diamonds. The Gatsby collection embodies a timeless graphic minimalism whose purity will become your most faithful ally.

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The Skinny collection was born from the desire to make diamond rivière bracelets a wardrobe essential. The diamond jewelry in this collection stands out for its extreme suppleness, jewelry twists, flexes and always regains its original shape.

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Lucky Eye

A diamond talisman collection that will become one of your daily essentials. The icon is considered as a lucky charm, it protects from evil eyes, spells, and others, to attract luck. Using the symbol, Valérie Messika has created pendants, rings and bracelets that are perfect to wear alone or layer together.

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My Move

In this new interpretation of the Maison’s signature, My Move boldly frees itself from the codes of masculinity and femininity. Set your own rules, create your own codes! Dare to keep changing and play around with the different strap colours every day.

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D for Diamonds. Vibes for positive energy it radiates. D-Vibes is more than just a new collection, it is a state of mind, a ray of light. A hypnotic and rhythmic sequence that plays with the sound of gold and diamond features.

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My First

The My First Diamond jewelry collection celebrates the diamond. These diamond creations are the perfect gift, featuring contemporary, graphic designs.

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Move Link

A perfect balance between iconic and fashionable pieces, Move Link reinterprets the bracelet in rock and both women’s and man ways. Volume, thickness, and Move’s codes lend themselves wonderfully to this stylistic exercise to reveal new pieces with a bold look and graphic silhouettes.

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So Move

Move has never been so assertive. With the So Move jewelry collection, Valérie Messika has reinvented the Maison’s iconic jewelry line with stronger and more powerful sculptural contours. So Move luxury diamond jewelry is expressive, radiant and unique. So Messika!

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Messika is about imagining, dreaming and creating to give shape to a unique kind of jewellery.
Its timeless yet contemporary pieces are meant to be worn for any occasion.

Where to find it?

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Frane Petric Street 7

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

+385 1 4870 700

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