November 20, 2020

Ibiza Bohemia by Renu Kashyap and Maya Boyd

Ibiza Bohemia Renu Kashyap Assouline - Mamic 1970

Assouline luxury book Ibiza Bohemia explores the island’s scenic Balearic cliffs, its legendary cast of characters, and the archetypal interiors that define Ibiza signature style.


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From roaring nightlife to peaceful yoga retreats, Ibiza’s hippie-chic atmosphere is its hallmark. This quintessential Mediterranean hot spot has served as an escape for artists, creatives, and musicians alike for decades. It is a place to reinvent oneself, to walk the fine line between civilization and wilderness, and to discover bliss. Bring Ibiza spirit to your home library with the Ibiza Bohemia book.

As a part of the luxurious Travel Series collection by world-famous publisher Assouline, Ibiza Bohemia is perfect choice to style your coffee table. Enjoy this vibrant book available at a price of 830 kunas.

From roaring nightlife to peaceful yoga retreats, Ibiza’s hippie-chic atmosphere is its hallmark.

Ibiza Bohemia Renu Kashyap Assouline - Mamic 1970
Ibiza Bohemia © Assouline


Ibiza is framed like a place full of clubs and jet setters, but there’s a different, more stylish, more authentic side of the island that is celebrated in Ibiza Bohemia book. Authors Renu Kashyap, Dutch fashion stylist and editor who relocated to Ibiza from Amsterdam in 2012., and Maya Boyd, travel writer who moved to Ibiza in 2009., bring other perspective of the Balearic island to the readers.  

According to Maya Boyd, by 1965. Ibiza was the hippest place in Europe, and the action played out on the terrace of the Hotel Montesol. Art deals, movie deals, drug deals—it all went down on that sunny corner of Vara de Rey. These were the halcyon days of groupies and gurus, musicians and mystics, bikini-clad babes, and velvet-cloaked nomads: an exotic farrago that gave birth to the hipster elite.

Ibiza really attracts a certain type of person, and that binds us. It’s either black sheep or people who are really creative, who think out of the box. It’s something you feel.

Baroness Kicki von Michel


The illustrated market has become integral to the worlds of luxury, fashion and design. Assouline has actively contributed to this growth by creating the highest quality book-objects whose distinctive graphic identity and editorial savoir-faire have captured imaginations, addressing new themes in a contemporary manner.  The brand, with its style and vision, is a true pioneer. Beginning in the mid-90s, Assouline brought the illustrated book market to life with products that were modern, luxurious and creative. Today, the luxury book market has become an indispensable tool for luxury brands.

Beyond “beautiful books” Assouline is invested in the promotion of culture. It has created the “first brand of luxury culture” where one can discover a world of good taste, excitement and intellect, where “culture can be acquired” within a luxurious environment.

We created this company to be the first luxury brand on culture. We wanted to supply everything for a contemporary library.

Prosper and Martine Assouline
Ibiza Bohemia Renu Kashyap Assouline - Mamic 1970
Ibiza Bohemia © Assouline

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