November 17, 2021

Christmas Gift for HER

Messika Christmas diamond jewelry stacking - Mamic 1970

Finding a meaningful Christmas gift is well worth the effort.  A luxury piece of symbolic jewelry, an iconic timepiece, or a luxury book will be remembered and cherished for years to come.


As we usher in the season of joy, it’s time to find the perfect Christmas gift, whether you’re looking to treat yourself or one of your nearest and dearest. A beautiful piece of expertly handmade jewelry, iconic timepiece, or a luxury book is a meaningful way of showing appreciation. In the spirit of the festive season, share the happiness of giving and receiving beautifully wrapped presents that will become treasured heirlooms – heritage in time.

Diamonds make for a stunning and timeless gift.


For more than 240 years, Chaumet’s excellence in jewelry has been bequeathed from one master jeweler to another. Maison Chaumet has been known as a jeweler of emotions since 1780, creating timeless and powerful sentimental jewels while placing happiness at the heart of its creations. Diamonds and precious stones, carefully selected for their exceptional purity and sparkle, are then sculpted into round, cushion, oval, emerald, or Maison’s signature cut, the pear-shape. This precious Parisian jewelry is a reflection of exceptional skills and an unmistakable stamp for any combination, perfect for creating dazzling compositions. 

Joséphine collection, © Chaumet

If you are looking for an excellent and meaningful gift, Jeux de Liens Harmony necklaces and bracelets in 18 ct pink gold are the unmistakable choice. To make your gift even more personal and unique, you can engrave it with a special date, word, or phrase. In an asymmetrical spirit, Jeux de Liens Harmony medallions are a universal symbol of unity and perfection, and the circle is an expression of eternity.

The Joséphine collection represents an alliance of delicate drawings with glittering stones, bringing you the most elegant and graceful creations that will mark your love for her. These famous creations are perfect for expressing a sophisticated and feminine style and will make her feel like a real empress. It is a unique gift that will mark a precious milestone or show your deep love.


Maison Damiani has a long tradition of creating unique handmade jewelry in true Italian style. With bright and brilliant combinations of diamonds with rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, these stunning Damiani gems are ideal for the lover of unique jewelry in your life. It is guaranteed to add a touch of color and glamour to everything you pair them with, from a classic white T-shirt to a little black cocktail dress. 

Damiani Belle Epoque collection - Mamic 1970
Belle Epoque collection, © Damiani

The stunning Belle Époque colorful collection is inspired by the world of cinema and the alternating sequence of diamonds with rubies, emeralds, and sapphires arranged to create an exquisite film strip in which each frame captures an unforgettable moment, which will be appreciated as time passes. 

Mimosa collection, named after the flower, has unique, harmonious and refined design. Diamonds and gemstones are skilfully arranged so as to evoke graceful blossoms, highlighted bt a slightly three-dimensional effect. Here we present you some of there most popular pieces perfect for lady with unique style.


To express your love, friendship, tenderness, or gratitude, there is nothing better than timeless and contemporary Messika diamond jewelry meant to be worn for any occasion. This truly unique, fun, and daring jewelry will be loved by all women, whether she is cool, retro, punk, conservative, powerful, passionate, discreet, extroverted, masculine, feminine, classic or ultramodern, or all at once.

Messika Jewelry stacking, © Messika

We bring you the most desirable Messika pieces that will serve her as an everyday companion and mark the most beautiful occasions in her life. Portraying a Mix & Match spirit, these bold creations in flawless 18 ct yellow, pink and white gold can be worn solo or stacked to create modern, asymmetrical sets. This diamond jewelry reveals her sensuality and provides a new note of feminine confidence.


Tudor watches are some of the world’s most iconic contemporary collections of timepieces to date. Tudor was established by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, and the brand has successfully lived up to that prestigious name and reputation.

It’s often said that finding the right piece of jewelry to give as a gift to a woman can be difficult. The advantage of precious timepieces is that they always have a high functionality in addition to their decorative character and can also be a stand-alone pieces. With this in mind, the following models would be a beautiful present for Christmas as they are affordable as uncompromising.

Tudor perfectly combines style, durability, and function into stunning designs with supreme quality. Clair de Rose is a refined, timeless, and elegant line that depicts femininity in a Tudor way. The collection is available exclusively in steel with mechanical movements and is adorned with a dial decorated with Roman numerals and transparent blue spinel cabochon on the crown. 

The 1926 collection pays tribute to Tudor’s long history with a range of mechanical watches efficient in performance. Timelessly elegant in look, this line is perfect for lovers of vintage touch. The Royal collection is the ultimate in balance, elegance, and versatility. This line offers a range of automatic sport-chic watches with an integrated bracelet in four sizes designed to fit any wrist.


Luxury books hit that gift-giving sweet spot: they’re unique, useful, and they always feel personal, making the perfect gift for any lady on your gifting list. Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or elevate someone else’s, there is an endless amount of luxury books exploring fascinating topics such as travel, fashion, world famous brand, or architecture. Beyond being beautiful home decor and adding a gorgeous design element to a table or shelf, these books are filled with history, inspiration, beautiful essays, and rarely seen photography.

If you have found a perfect gift or you need help deciding, visit us at our premium boutique at the centre of Zagreb at Frane Petrića Street 7. Feel free to contact us with your inquiry at or +385 1 4870 700 and our professional and friendly staff will fulfil your wishes.


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