April 26, 2021

Rolex and Oscars 2021

Rolex And Cinema The Making Of A Masterpiece Stairs Oscar - Mamic 1970

Filmmakers and Rolex have the same aim – to make films and timepieces that have an everlasting quality.

Worn by famous actors appearing in iconic films, Rolex watches have had their own part to play in Hollywood for decades. They still do, despite the fact that the company has never been involved in product placement. Instead, the watches are the choice of directors using the brand to subtly portray fortitude in their characters − a sense of toughness and control, along with a sophisticated sense of style. Even a glimpse of a Rolex watch makes a strong statement.

Whether crafting a groundbreaking timepiece or an Oscar® – winning film, the goal for a like Rolex and great filmmakers is to forge an unforgettable work, one that never loses its relevance and stands the test of time. This is the subject of a film that is being shown during this year’s Oscars® ceremony and is an ode to the visionaries and craftspeople in watchmaking and filmmaking that illustrates the parallels between the two disciplines.

Rolex and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are united by a pursuit of excellence and a mission to preserve and celebrate the creation of masterpieces.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences © Rolex


In 2017, Rolex entered a formal partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and became the Exclusive Watch of the Academy and also Proud Sponsor of the Oscars®. The two organizations are united by a sense of history, a pursuit of excellence and a mission to preserve and celebrate the creation of extraordinary works. This long-term partnership promotes excellence in the film industry and the transmission of its heritage for future generations.

In addition to being Exclusive Watch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Proud Sponsor of the Oscars® since 2017, Rolex also became sponsor of the Academy’s annual Governors Awards that honour life achievement in film the following year.

Rolex Datejust 41 Ref. 126333 © Rolex


Every year, the finest actors, filmmakers and technicians are presented for judgement by their peers at the Oscars®, one of the most widely anticipated events in the world. The Academy Awards® have a key purpose – the recognition of excellence, which is supported by Rolex as Exclusive Watch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This year the primary event is being held at the Union Station Los Angeles.

The Academy’s annual celebration of the best in cinema, the Academy Awards® – more commonly known as the Oscars® – is a showcase for the supreme talent who make films.

Rolex Oscars Greenroom 2021 © Rolex


Union Station, a historic landmark and one of the last great train stations in the United States, is also the venue for the 93rd Oscars® Greenroom. Rolex, which has hosted the Greenroom since 2016, has created an intimate setting under the vaulted ceiling of one of the station’s wings where guests can relax while respecting social distancing. Walls are adorned with fabric replicating the motif of Union Station, with a “green wall”, comprised entirely of foliage, bringing a touch of nature to the interior. A selection of photographs pays tribute to the creation of masterpieces, displaying emblematic watches and the making of unforgettable movies.

Since 2016, the company has designed and hosted the Greenroom, where presenters and special guests mingle before going on stage at the Oscars®. The Greenroom’s theme and decor change annually; this year it is being held at Union Station.

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