October 01, 2018

Over 40 years of tradition and love for Rolex watches

Pero Mamic Lucija Mamic - Mamic 1970

What began as the passion of Pero Mamic 40 years ago is today a successful family business that brings luxury and tradition to the hearts of timepiece collectors and timeless style lovers.


Like any playful child, Pero Mamic was curious and liked to discover the unknown. Particularly intrigued by the pure things and the things that were untouchable, the special fascination were his father’s watches and the movements with which he played with and studied them. What was once a child’s game has eventually become a life path.

In 1978, Pero Mamic was invited to Geneva for a test of his knowledge and skills, after which he first became official Rolex servicer for Croatia, and later even the official Rolex retailer. He believes that cooperation with such a great luxury Swiss brand apart from great honor also brings great responsibility. It demands professionalism, complete devotion, extraordinary hard work, continuous quality and discipline. You should always look for ways to be better than yesterday and strive for the best.

Our job does not tolerate improvisation, hastiness and there is no success overnight.

Pero Mamic
Pero Mamic Mamic 1970 Rolex Zagreb Croatia
Pero Mamic


As with Rolex, the Mamic family exceptionally respects and appreciates the tradition of the brand, but also gives great importance to its own. Pero Mamic, as the founder of this beautiful watchmaking story, has continued to transfer his knowledge on to the new generations which continue to develop the business and service according to the world’s trends and adopting the latest technology of the watchmaking industry in Croatia.

The partnership with Rolex is based on common values and approach to business by continuously striving for long-term excellence in everything that is being done. The foundation of our business is mutual trust and respect with our customers, to whom we strive to give impeccable service at every visit, with the aim of creating long-lasting relationships and feeling of extraordinary pleasure.

The story of marking the 40th anniversary of partnership with Rolex has been transformed into a video that was first presented exclusively at the celebration held in Esplanade Zagreb Hotel.

Love for watches and family business has been evolving throughout our lives. We all just waited for the moment when we could finally become part of this story and take the business with our ideas in the new decades.

Lucija Mamic

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Official Rolex Retailer

Boutique Mamić in Zagreb is a proud member of the global network of official Rolex retailers who are allowed to sell and maintain Rolex watches. We confirm the authenticity of your new Rolex watch and support a five-year international warranty with the necessary skills, technical experience and special equipment.

Discover more and visit us at our Rolex showroom in Zagreb. Our professional staff will be pleased to guide you through the range of Rolex collections to help you find the ideal choice for you.

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