March 29, 2022


The 2022 Oscars Greenroom by Rolex - Mamic 1970

Rolex pays tribute to Hollywood architecture with the design of this backstage enclave for 94th Academy Awards.


Inspired by the world of cinematography, every year since 2016, Rolex has created its own unique and evocative design for the Greenroom at the Dolby Theatre. In this illustrious room, presenters gather before going on stage to bestow Oscars® on the winners and special guests of the Academy Awards®. By hosting the nominees in the Greenroom, Rolex partakes in the intensely emotional moments that some of cinema’s greatest artists experience before and after the Oscars® ceremony.

Rolex is hosting the Greenroom since 2016 and each year develops an original décor for this VIP space backstage at L.A.’s Dolby Theatre.

The 2022 Oscars Greenroom by Rolex - Mamic 1970
The 2022 Oscars® and Greenroom,© Rolex


Featuring a different theme every year, the 2022 edition of this space celebrated the coming together of cinema and the art of watchmaking. Decorative wall panels in an Art Deco style arrange Rolex watches into mosaics to reproduce the skyline of the cinema’s home, Los Angeles. This ode to watchmaking prowess takes the form of decorative elements symbolizing recognizable landmarks from the film world – Hollywood, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures – and adorning them with some of Rolex’s most distinguishable features and visual signatures: indexes, hands, fluted bezels.

“The meticulous care that goes into the making of a Rolex watch, the attention we pay to the tiniest detail and our constant pursuit of excellence are all present in the Greenroom. They mirror the subtlety, the precision and the magic of film.”

Arnaud Boetcsh


Since 2016, Rolex has been responsible for designing this intriguing room, which features a new design and concept every year. Artisans from Rolex’s design division created stunning and meaningful themes such as the look of a Hollywood Hills home — with an American and European influence and a form of a Swiss Alps chalet with a window looking out onto the Matterhorn. Guests were also invited on a journey to the bottom of the sea – a theme that is linked to Rolex’s Perpetual Planet campaign and on a “polar exploration,” concept that resonates with Rolex, whose watches have accompanied the world’s most famous mountain climbers and explorers to the highest mountains.

In 2021, Rolex created an intimate atmosphere under the vaulted ceiling of one of the station’s wings, vividly decorated with fabric that reflects the Union Station’s historic landmark and a “green wall” made entirely of leaves, bringing a touch of nature to the interior.

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