May 10, 2021

New Brand: Chaumet at Mamic 1970

Maison Chaumet 12 Vendome Paris - Mamic 1970

Discover the iconic diamond jewelry of the great French Maison Chaumet at the luxury boutique Mamic 1970.


We are proud to present you the novelties in our offer that come from the hearts of the fashion representatives, France and Italy. Timeless pieces of luxury diamond jewelry Chaumet, Damiani and Messika are now available at our boutique Mamic 1970 in 7 Frane Petrica Street in the centre of Zagreb. Each piece of jewelry is crafted to the highest standards of the profession by presenting diamonds in the most stunning manner, from timeless collections to dynamic and thrilling ones.


For five centuries, Paris has been renowned for the quality and creativity of its artisan jewlelers. It was in this tradition in the late 18th century that Marie-Étienne Nitot, made his mark. Firstly an apprentice, then an employee of Ange-Joseph Aubert, jeweler to Marie-Antoinette, he founded his own Maison that would later take the name of Chaumet.

After completing the commission for Napoleon’s coronation sword and the papal tiara for Pope Pius VII, Marie-Étienne Nitot became the jeweler to the Imperial court and personal jeweler to the Empress Joséphine. He also became the most sought-after jeweler in the whole of Europe.

Empress Joséphine © Chaumet


A person who gave the Maison his name is Joseph Chaumet, its Director from 1885 to 1928. Through his creativity, tiaras, as social symbols and fashion accessories, became a Chaumet speciality. Also in Joseph Chaumet’s time, the Maison moved to 12, Place Vendôme, turning the Hotel Baudard de Sainte-James into Chaumet’s iconic address. Long before it bore the name of Chaumet, in 1812 the Maison was the first business which moved into the mythical Place Vendôme, at no. 15, the epicentre of Parisian luxury.

2020 was a big year for Masion Chaumet – the celebration of 240th anniversary in style, by unveiling the new décor at its legendary address of Place Vendôme 12.

Crafted at the very heart of the Place Vendôme, the Chaumet jewelry creations reflect these exceptional skills and pay tribute to the Parisian style.


Maison Chaumet’s quality, precision and manufacturing criteria meet the requirements of the highest standards of the French jewelry tradition. Throughout the manufacturing process, jewelry was the subject of attentive care and has been carefully tested and rigorously controlled.

Chaumet selects only the most high-quality diamonds with a wide range of cut shapes: round brilliant, princess, pear, cushion, oval and emerald, all designed to enhance the stone. In order to enhance its creations, Chaumet rigorously and exclusively selects extremely white (colourless) diamonds, with a colour range from D to G, and diamonds graded in the FL to VS (Very slightly included) categories in terms of clarity. Each jewel is engraved with the name of the metal used: 18 ct gold or platinum.

Chaumet selects only the most high-quality diamonds in terms of color, clarity, cut and carat weight.


Chaumet’s collections are imbued with the rich past of the brand and carry a certain symbolism behind their design. The lien motif, in the modern and elegant Chaumet Liens collection, symbolises a thread that attaches two beings and draws their destiny closer. The iconic Chaumet’s Joséphine collection pays tribute to the Empress Joséphine, the Maison’s first major client. It was inspired by the Chaumet speciality – tiara, and these dazzling creations crowned the femininity of those who wore them. The Bee My Love collection reflects the theme of nature dear to Chaumet and Joséphine’s love of all things botanical. The bee and honeycomb motifs are revisited and create a wonderful, highly symbolic garden.

Explore the luxury collections of the Parisian jewelry brand Chaumet at the link.

Discover the Liens, Joséphine and Bee My Love collections at Mamic 1970 boutique in the centre of Zagreb.

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