September 30, 2023

MIDNIGHT SUN: 10th High Jewelry collection by Maison Messika

Messika - Carla Bruni - Mamic 1970

For her 10th High Jewelry collection, Valérie Messika draws her inspiration from the liberating energy of the wildest nights of the seventies


For her 10th High Jewelry collection, Valérie Messika draws her inspiration from the liberating energy of the wildest nights of the seventies. To embody this euphoric collection, she chose French singer and model Carla Bruni. She is the face of Messika’s new High Jewelry collection. With grace and charm, the fashion icon revives the distinctly subversive spirit of the 1970s. Exciting styling options, colourful accessories, bold curves: Midnight Sun symbolises the start of a new era, like a sunrise in the half-light. Messika High Jewelry celebrates disco at its most free and exciting.


For Ultimate Party, Valérie Messika draws her inspiration from two women who left their mark on the 1970s, creating contrasting duos of exceptionally colourful diamonds. Diana Ross and Liza Minnelli, two very different styles: one a soul star, a warm and glamorous diva, the other a renowned eclectic and theatrical performer. On the masterpiece necklace, a 20.04-carat pear-cut yellow diamond and a 9.07-carat cushion-cut diamond recall the crystal-clear, masterful voices of the two 70s icons. The Founder continues to explore the symbolism of the Golden Shield, the protective armour she created in a yellow gold version for the previous High Jewelry collection.


You had to be bold to stand out in a city like New York back in the 70s. With the Fiery set, Valérie Messika has created a diamond necklace for those who are not afraid to assert who they are. Set with pear-cut diamonds, the creations look like flames of gold and diamonds.

Wild and fierce, passions ablaze… Fiery is a symbol of energy and strength, a new feat of jewelry-making expertise, as the pear-cut diamonds are surrounded by a halo and a flat surface of mirror-polished white gold. Each set, each flame, gives the impression of resting perfectly on the neck. In her quest for the perfect balance, Valérie Messika has created some daring Fiery variations, including a range of rings with some of the most original designs.


If there’s one thing Messika knows how to do; it’s bring out the sparkle in diamonds. For the first time, the Maison is using the snow setting of traditional luxury jewelry to illuminate 15 cushion-cut yellow diamonds from 2 to 15 carats. In this array of precious diamonds, as varied as a dance floor, the yellow diamond is king. Like every Valérie Messika creation, Glitter Fever is a play on sparkling contrasts. The geometric contours of the pieces in this set are in complete contrast to the less structural diamond setting and the voluptuous curves of the cushion-cut diamonds. This chiaroscuro of form and light creates a harmonious overall effect that reflects an unrivalled technical skill.


Messika Dancing Moon celebrates one of Valérie Messika’s signatures, the halo. Majestic diamond settings embrace the neck like a delicate, dazzling second skin. Each row features a constellation of oval-cut diamonds, including a 2.21-carat central stone, highlighted by a meticulously-set double border.

For this High Jewelry piece, which symbolises the stars, the Artistic Director found her influences in the icon of the night, the Moon. The ever-present witness to those disco parties where everyone danced the night away.

Kendall Jenner and Messika Lucky Move

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Since founding her jewelry house in 2005, Valérie Messika successfully combines the timelessness of diamonds with modern design. Diamond jewelry from the Messika is of unwavering beauty and created for everyday wear, giving a feeling of self-confidence and boldness. The pieces of Messika jewelry have a distinct character and reflect the femininity and modernity of the designer whose creations are admired by the most influential women in the world, women who are valued for their talent and personality.

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