September 29, 2021

Autumn guide for layering Messika diamond jewelry

Messika diamond jewelry stacking - Mamic 1970

Prestigious diamond jewelry from Parisian Maison Messika presents you with ways of stacking and mismatching the most luxurious pieces.


Valerie Messika created her own jewelry house in 2005 and brought freshness to the world of jewelry, interpreting diamonds in a way that they look fun, playful, and dynamic. Messika jewelry is not only jewelry but also an expression of the personality, style, and self-confidence of a modern woman who bravely walks the world while Messika gives her extra shine and enthusiasm in step.

“Diamonds are my roots and my expertise. When I set out to create my own jewellery brand, I wanted diamonds to be everyday and not only for a couple’s most sacred moments. I wanted something cool, casual and easy-to-wear.” 

Valérie Messika

Valérie Messika has developed the “modern femininity” concept. Women today can choose to be what they want to be: cool, retro, punk, conservative, powerful, passionate, discreet, extraverted, masculine, feminine, classic or ultra-fashionable, or all that at once. The Maison Messika sees women as the most inspiring muses. Sensuality, femininity, desire are the words that serve as the mantra of Messika jewelry.

Messika diamond jewelry - Mamic 1970
Messika jewelry stacking, Maison © Messika


Messika jewelry invites you to be bold and make new creations every day. The most luxurious 18 ct gold is used discreetly, leaving the main role to diamonds that move freely with the movements of the one who wears them. Enjoy styling these modern pieces of jewelry with your everyday style.

Messika diamond jewelry stacking - Mamic 1970
Lucky Move necklaces, Maison © Messika


Messika diamond bracelets easily become an indispensable accessory for women of all ages. The light of the purest diamonds gives an ultra-modern yet timeless feeling to these luxurious bracelets that will come to life on your hand and give it a touch of glamor for a casual day or an elegant night.

Messika diamond jewelry stacking - Mamic 1970
Messika jewelry Mix & Match, Maison © Messika


Movement is the core of Messika’s creative process, and on your fingers, it comes to its true expression. Arranging and combining different collections will combine precious cages, attractive diamonds, and precious stones and create unmistakable and enchanting creations.

Messika diamond jewelry stacking - Mamic 1970
Diamond jewelry stacking, Maison © Messika


In line with the trend of combining different luxury earrings, Messika brings diamond earrings in 18-carat gold that will appeal to women of both bold and classic styles. Have fun wearing earrings in pairs or on your own that will brighten your face and catch everyone’s attention.

Messika - Back to school campaign - Mamic 1970
My Twin, Move Uno and Lucky Move collection, Maison © Messika

Kendall Jenner and Messika Lucky Move

Official Messika Retailer

Since founding her jewelry house in 2005, Valérie Messika successfully combines the timelessness of diamonds with modern design. Diamond jewelry from the Messika is of unwavering beauty and created for everyday wear, giving a feeling of self-confidence and boldness. The pieces of Messika jewelry have a distinct character and reflect the femininity and modernity of the designer whose creations are admired by the most influential women in the world, women who are valued for their talent and personality.

Explore the enchanting world of Messika luxury diamond jewelry at our boutique Mamić 1970 in Zagreb. Our professional staff will be pleased to present you the prestigious Messika collections to help you find the ideal choice for you.

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