February 15, 2022

Interview with Kendall Jenner

Valérie Messika and Kendall Jenner behind the scenes of Messika 2022 campaign - Mamic 1970

Kendall Jenner is the face of Maison Messika latest campaign. Find out how the world-famous model and the prestigious Parisian jewelry house collaboration came about.

You’re one of the most fashionable people in the world. How do you choose the brands you work with? 

KENDALL JENNER (KJ): My stylist, Dani Michelle, is great at introducing me to new brands, but I also love finding them online whenever I have the time. There are many great and talented designers. I try to support them and wear new pieces as often as possible.

Valérie Messika is a pioneer in her field. She has a real power of influence thanks to her vision of diamonds, to be worn every day. Is that one of the reasons why you wanted to work with her? 

KJ: I love the iconic pieces that Messika offers, such as Move diamond jewels, Glam’Azone, My Twin and I’ve admired the Maison for a long time. I was immediately attracted to the idea of working with Messika, especially as our aesthetic sensibilities are very similar.

Messika’s signature is the moving diamond, which can be worn every day. Which Messika piece do you wear every day? 

KJ: The ring I wear the most is the Glam’Azone double pavée, with its removable chain. It’s also available in an unpaved version and can be worn on its own or stacked. The Glam’Azone collection illustrates Valérie Messika’s vision of the free, strong, triumphant and radiant woman, like the heroines from ancient mythology. These are modern, glamorous and light creations.

What is the ideal occasion to wear these pieces?

KJ: Messika diamond jewelry can be worn on any occasion, I like to accessorise with my looks. Whether I’m doing sport or I’m with friends, I always wear at least one or two pieces.

Kendall Jenner for Messika new campaign - Mamic 1970
Move Classic diamond bracelets stacking, © Messika

Do you think that jewelry complements your outfit? How do you wear diamonds on a daily basis?

KJ: I love to complement my outfits with jewelry! I usually choose a few rings or a nice pair of diamond earrings to finish off almost all my looks. I like to alternate between white and yellow gold depending on the outfit and the day.

Which jewelry trends have made the biggest impact on you in recent years?

KJ: I love hoops. I’ve always found them to be a great addition to any outfit. For example, I’m lucky enough to have the Messika Move XXL hoop earrings, which I love to wear. Otherwise, I particularly like to wear a ring and delicate diamond necklace, it always works well.

Which pieces do you like to stack? And how do you prefer to wear them: around your neck, on your ears, around your wrist or fingers? 

KJ: If I have to stack a lot of jewelry, I usually like to wear lots of rings or earrings. I love layering earrings to spice up a look. Adding a necklace with a strong design is always a good idea.

How would you describe Messika in three words?

KJ: Strong, timeless and cool.

Which women do you think Messika’s pieces are aimed at?

KJ: Messika addresses all women and offers diamond jewelry for all styles. Whether you are looking for majestic or more clasic pieces, natural and elegant, or something bold, everything is possible.

Kendall Jenner for Messika new campaign - Mamic 1970
Kendall Jenner for new Messika campaign, © Messika

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*Text is taken from the Messika official website, www.messika.com.

Kendall Jenner and Messika Lucky Move

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