December 16, 2021

Holiday magic with Messika diamond jewelry

Messika jewelry Christmas stacking - Mamic 1970

Parisian Maison Messika invites you to have a sparkling Christmas. Express your sincere emotions with Messika diamond jewelry under the Christmas tree.


For an even more magical holiday, Maison Messika presents diamond jewelry that will brighten up this festive season with its spirited sparkle. For your pleasure or as a special gift, Messika combined the timelessness of the diamond with a modern touch, creating contemporary diamond jewelry to be worn every day. Forms, patterns, and techniques reign supreme in Messika jewelry, highlighting the unique character of the diamond, its quality, size, and brilliance. 

Representing the innovations that Valerie Messika brought into the world of jewelry, we have selected the most luxurious and fabulous creations from Messika factory that will be ideal for mixing and matching, coming together in an infinite, unique combination that will express the personal style of the woman wearing it.

Messika jewels encourage women to become what they are: brilliant, free, sensual, sparkling and more.

Festive Messika jewelry stacking,© Messika


Messika creations quickly became planetary popular among the ladies with their sparkling iconic designs and moving diamonds. Signature collection Move is characterized by three movable diamonds inside the cage that appears in the lines of Move ClassicMove 10thMove NoaMove Romane, and Lucky Move. In contrast, the Move Uno collection has one diamond floating in a cage. Below, explore some of the most famous Move jewelry pieces that will be appreciated in a gifting season.

An ideal gift, Messika diamond jewelry will become your true everyday companion.

Messika jewelry has brought a breath of fresh air and freedom to the jewelry industry, featuring a multitude of possible combinations for an increasingly fashionable winter. Bold jewelry creations of the Glam’Azone collection imbues exotic and feminine styles for a sensual and confident woman. The Lucky Eye collection shows unique and recognizable design, a range of diamond talismans that attract positive energy.

The romantic message is hidden in the perfect alliance of the elegant emerald cut and the sensual pear cut with dazzling pieces of jewelry from the My Twin collection. Finally, the diamond jewelry in Skinny collection stands out for its extreme suppleness. It also twists, flexes, and always regains its original shape. 

If you have found a perfect Messika gift or you need help deciding, visit us at our premium boutique at the centre of Zagreb at Frane Petrića Street 7. Feel free to contact us with your inquiry at or +385 1 4870 700 and our professional and friendly staff will fulfil your wishes.

Kate Moss Messika

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Since founding her jewelry house in 2005, Valérie Messika successfully combines the timelessness of diamonds with modern design. Diamond jewelry from the Messika is of unwavering beauty and created for everyday wear, giving a feeling of self-confidence and boldness. The pieces of Messika jewelry have a distinct character and reflect the femininity and modernity of the designer whose creations are admired by the most influential women in the world, women who are valued for their talent and personality.

Explore the enchanting world of Messika luxury diamond jewelry at our boutique Mamić 1970 in Zagreb. Our professional staff will be pleased to present you the prestigious Messika collections to help you find the ideal choice for you.

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