September 26, 2021

Discover the Damiani D.Side collection

Damiani D.Side collection - Mamic 1970

The D.Side collection, recognizable by its two concentric circles united by full-cut diamonds and a gem that exudes luxury and splendor.


Damiani family has designed and produced precious and unique jewelry for three generations. From their early childhoods, they watched jewelry being created and the crafting of diamonds and precious stones, learning to love a profession and its secrets even before they started to work in the company. Even today, these timeless jewels are made by hand in Italy.

I believe that the reasons for our success are our strong identity, great production skills and original design, all enlivened by a great passion.

Guido Damiani
Damiani D.Side diamond jewelry - Mamic 1970
D.Side jewelry, Maison © Damiani


Signifying more than just geometric purity, the circle is a universal symbol, brimming with references to eternity and to the mutual desire to become one. This is the inspiration behind the Damiani D.Side collection, now enriched with vibrant, playful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets – accessories of intense femininity that unite the recognizable nature of D.Side with the emotion.

In 2010 Damiani celebrated ten years of the D.Side collection’s success with a solitaire created by master Valenza goldsmiths and Brad Pitt. 

Every Damiani jewel is the result of a meticulous creative process and unique design, alongside great attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship and the use of high quality gems. D.Side luxury jewelry provides a classy and timeless addition to your style while their shape celebrates love. The two concentric circles, handcrafted in 18 ct gold and platinum, are united in a pair of full-cut diamonds and adorned with a solitaire-shaped diamond that brings splendor and brilliance.

D.Side Mother of pearl, Maison © Damiani


D.Side diamond necklaces, made in 18 ct gold and decorated with diamonds, exude a playful and contemporary design. This timeless and elegant collection brings a variety of luxury necklace models, so choose your favorite and wear it on countless occasions.


Damiani D.Side bracelet is handmade in 18 ct gold and is an excellent addition to any collection of hand ornaments. Diamonds surrounding mother-of-pearl and black onyx emphasize its uniqueness and beauty.


The design of the D.Side wedding ring evokes a vow of love by uniting two people by showing it in two concentric gold circles, joined by brilliant-cut diamonds in special crescent-shaped brackets, for an elegant and precious effect. The promise is always displayed in a modern, but romantic language marked with 18 ct white, yellow, and rose gold and personalized with 5 diamonds on each side.


Simple or embellished with precious gems and diamonds, drop earrings or small earrings are the perfect allies for stylish and sophisticated women. Adorn yourself with elegant and modern jewelry that will highlight your beauty.

Damiani Margherita - Mamic 1970

Official Damiani Retailer

Damiani jewelry is a perfect reflection of Italian charm and approach to life. Sophisticated, timeless and innovative, this jewelry is both unique and noticeable. Its every detail represents the tradition and passion of the Damiani family for goldsmith art that lasts for three generations. Awarded various prestigious prizes such as Diamond International and Vogue Joyas, Damiani is the best presentation of the label “Made in Italy”.

Explore the enchanting world of Damiani luxury diamond jewelry at our boutique Mamić 1970 in Zagreb. Our professional staff will be pleased to present you the prestigious Damiani collections to help you find the ideal choice for you.

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