December 10, 2021

Chaumet Christmas Fairytale

Chaumet Bee My Love bracelets - Mamic 1970

Dive into the magic of holidays with precious Chaumet creations. We present you the most luxurious jewelry which will mark this year Christmas gifting.


The prestigious Chaumet jewelry is crafted at the very heart of Vendôme, reflecting exceptional skills and paying tribute to the Parisian style. Historical, modern, and unique Chaumet diamond creations won over the hearts of ladies around the world with their exciting and iconic designs that are full of emotions. With Chaumet, the search for the perfect token of attention has become easy and magical.

With Chaumet diamond creations, the search for the perfect token of attention has become easy and magical.

Chaumet Joséphine and Liens diamond jewelry - Mamic 1970
Festive style, © Chaumet


The irresistible Bee My Love collection combines graphic simplicity and sensuality into timeless creations. Joyful and spontaneous self-expression has never been more fun with Bee My Love pieces that come in luxurious 18 ct yellow, pink or white gold and in different variants of diamond decoration. Wearing jewelry is exciting and allows creating new sets each day, which will be appreciated by a woman who loves to play with her style.

Bee My Love creations are an invitation to joyful and spontaneous self-expression.

Chaumet Bee My Love - Mamic 1970
Bee My Love collection, © Chaumet


The decent and feminine Jeux de Liens collection presents romantic creations made in 18 ct yellow, pink or white gold and is decorated with the purest diamonds. This luxury jewelry stands out as contemporary and sentimental, offering the possibility of engraving for an even more personal gift with which you can express your love and gratitude. With the new gifting season ahead of us, Jeux de Liens creations are one of the most special gifts you can surprise your loved ones with.

Jeux de Liens collection celebrates the link between two people, through a contemporary reinterpretation of sentimental jewellery.

Jeux de Liens collection, © Chaumet


The Joséphine collection revisits almost 240 years of expert tradition with contemporary creativity. The collection was inspired by Empress Joséphine, known for her exceptional taste and sense of style. Joséphine’s creations exude luxury, style, and elegance and are decorated with carefully selected diamonds located in the center of the compositions. It is a unique token of attention that will mark a precious milestone or show your deep love for it.

An alliance of delicate drawing with flamboyant stones, this collection revisits nearly 240 years of expert tradition with contemporary creativity.

Chaumet Josephine collection - Mamic 1970
Joséphine diamond rings, © Chaumet

If you have found a perfect gift or you need help deciding, visit us at our premium boutique at the centre of Zagreb at Frane Petrića Street 7. Feel free to contact us with your inquiry at or +385 1 4870 700 and our professional and friendly staff will fulfil your wishes.

Official Chaumet Retailer

Chaumet is a respected French brand with a tradition of jewelry making dating back 240 years. The valuable history of the Maison is also connected to Empress Josephine, for whom the Maison Chaumet has been the official jeweler. Grace and elegance intertwine in each piece of jewelry, offering a unique contemporary look imbued with tradition and jewelry. This jewelry, made in the heart of the Place Vendôme, is a reflection of outstanding expertise and pays homage to the Parisian style.

Explore the enchanting world of Chaumet luxury diamond jewelry at our boutique Mamić 1970 in Zagreb. Our professional staff will be pleased to present you the prestigious Chaumet collections to help you find the ideal choice for you.

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